The Accidental Epic Project

Our oldest son Christopher will be turning 4 here in a couple of days and I thought it best that he finally get a room with a little character. Just like nearly every other room in our house, his room was covered with painted wallpaper. I am of the opinion that painted wallpaper is just about the most egregious sin one can impart on a house (besides painting original woodwork and installing a drop ceiling in the kitchen). Painted wallpaper is bad house karma.

But I am also a realistic man. And having removed painted-over-wallpaper before in my son Aiden’s room, I knew what I would be up against and (forgive me Lord) decided I would paint over the wallpaper. After all, Christopher wouldn’t know and I would eventually get around to doing it right in a few years.

So with the plan in hand, I set about removing the picture molding as I decided I would at least strip it and stain it…and my plan veered off course. As I removed the molding, I accidentally began to pull layers of paint and layers of wallpaper off with it. And hence began the epic room project under a short deadline that I had not planned on.

The beginning

Wallpaper removal has begun

Two walls down to plaster and calcimine paint

Walls primed with shellac

First coat of paint on the walls

Found these names written on the original wallpaper underneath layers of paint. Would love to know the story that goes with this.

I still have quite a way to go but we are making progress. It is my intention to strip the two doors, picture molding, as well as window trim and then stain them all.  But before we get around to that, we first need to get the base molding painted and walls buttoned up. After all, his birthday is Friday. This might be a belated present…

Complete pics here.

4 thoughts on “The Accidental Epic Project

  1. Even though you weren’t planning to remove the wallpaper now–I’m sure it will turn out to be worth it in the long run. Now it will be done and won’t linger on your long-term To-Do List. Good job!

    • Thanks Sharon! I am glad it is behind me now – that much is for sure. I’ve been meaning to write you quite a while and ask what your process is for finishing your trim (prep, stain, finish). The house is looking great!

  2. Did you wash off the calcimine before using shellac primer, or did you use the primer as a calcimine recoater? We are facing the same project, and I was unclear about your process and I have heard horror stories about new paint “falling off” in 12-18 months. Also, did you use an oil based paint?

    • I tried to wash it off and I definitely removed a fair amount of it, but by no means did I remove all of it. I suspect if I worked on it longer and harder that I could have gotten it perfect but I’m hoping the shellac and paint hold up. I inquired about using an oil based paint over the top but was told that was not necessary and to use whatever I was most comfortable with. So far the paint is holding up great but it hasn’t been that long obviously. I dealt with calcimine in an earlier room 18 months ago…in that room I washed it and primed the wall with an oil based primer. That has held up well also although I probably will use the shellac instead going forward. Best of luck with your project and I would love to hear what you do and how it works.

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