Trees up. Lights on. Feet up. Beer down.

We got the tree up a couple nights ago and I had to rest and hydrate after the grueling task of stringing bulbs. I was parched.

We stole the tradition I had as a kid and have instituted the ‘two tree policy.’ The tree you see here is the grown up tree. For grown up ornaments. Rules include no climbing, or storing of toys within its branches. There is another tree in the background: this is the kids’ tree. It can be as tall as our oldest son and other than burning it, they can pretty much do whatever they want to it. I think I saw some burpees, legos, a football, and a miniature baby Jesus (vs. the full size baby jesus) displayed as ornaments yesterday. Martha Stewart would be proud.


One thought on “Trees up. Lights on. Feet up. Beer down.

  1. I feel your pain. I just put up my tree tonight, and I totally under estimated how long it would take. AND IT’S PRE-LIT. It was brand new, so I had to fluff/arrange ALL of the tips individually, which took forever. I think I spent nearly 2 hours on it, and I didn’t even start decorating it yet.

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