Hallelujah: A New Fence

Few things brought as much shame to this family than our fence. We live on a corner, and people from the North, the South, the East and the West would utter their judgements under their breath as they walked by. As they should have because it was a horrible abomination.

To the before:



Pieces literally fell off daily.


So it was time to replace it. We had visions of doing it ourselves, but we had been saying that for 6 years with nothing to show for it but a Pinterest board dedicated to fences. So we came across a phenomenal cedar lumber yard and Mark Wyman. And pulled the trigger.

Among the requirements: straighten out the incorrect fence location on the back property line, downplay the large garage behind us, add an additional gate on the side yard, build in a manner so we can replace the fence again without involving concrete 20 years from now.


When digging the new holes for the post brackets, we came across the old, decommissioned oil tank a few feet underground. At this point, we could have moved the proposed fence line. But this would have messed everything up. The fence crew came up with the ingenious idea of cutting the bracket and welding the bottom portion on it’s side. Combined with an oversized footing and the overhead arbor, it should prove to be plenty sturdy. Thanks to my neighbor Bryce for the quick weld.


We are incredibly pleased with the transformation and are looking forward to working in the backyard come spring time. Complete photo gallery here.


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