Porch Refresh

We have a long-term plan of repainting the exterior of the house. With that said, it’s a long ways out. When we replaced the first floor windows a few years ago, we committed ourselves to the new trim colors. Having enjoyed many a beer on the front porch, I spent too much time seeing old bubbling paint and the trim colors in transition.

So with a lack of planning, I decided to strip the window and door trim and rehab the original remaining window prior to repainting.


With that completed, I turned my attention to the porch ceiling which needed to be brightened up. So cleaning, scraping, priming and painting…


I am currently “in process” on the porch columns. 106 years of paint, weather and trim is hard to restore quickly. But it will look great…come springtime.


Finished pictures to come soon. Entire exterior gallery can be found here.


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