Porch Painting

The porch isn’t 100% done, but we’re nearing 90%. The columns and porch rails have all been stripped, sanded, filled, caulked, primed and painted and look almost brand new. Nobody but me will probably appreciate the work, but I’ll feel good about myself as I sit there this summer enjoying a gin and tonic.

To a couple of pictures:


Now onto the rest of the windows and trim on the house. Ooops.


5 thoughts on “Porch Painting

  1. Hi there! We recently purchased a four square home in Illinois and are about to paint. Can I ask what color your is? My husband and I both love it.

    • Hello Jill. Congrats on the purchase – aren’t old foursquares absolutely wonderful? As to the paint colors – are you referring to the actual body color? If so, I’m not sure as we inherited that color. As for the new trim colors (which we are slowly adding in), we stole them from some of the exterior cladding colors from Marvin Windows which we are slowly adding in. The “white” color is actually Marvin’s Sierra White while the red is their Wineberry. You can find the link here: https://www.marvin.com/marvin/windows/double-hung?view=features-options&option=exterior-finish

      Hope that helps and good luck on the painting!

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