Framing, Rough-in & Windows

2.5 months in and the change is considerable. Framing has been completed, as has rough-in for HVAC and plumbing. Electrical rough is being finished as we speak. All 10 new windows have been installed and trimmed out while the new french doors are in the process of being installed right now. New (old) siding is going on and things are getting serious.

This week will be primarily finishing up electrical and getting ready for inspections. We are pretending to wrestle with the decision of just completely re-wiring the entire house. It’s an extra $4,000, and in addition to replacing all the remaining knob and tube (ceiling of the dining room, living room, entry way, and both boys bedrooms), it will get us improved overhead lighting in the dining room and living room. I know we’ll pull the trigger and do it – I just need to pause before I burn through another $4,000. 🙂

Plumbing fixtures have all been ordered and we are finalizing our light fixtures. Solidifying the final details of our cabinetry which I can’t wait to see (inset cabinetry finally!!!!). In the meantime, my oldest son Christopher and I started running CAT6 ethernet cable, coaxial cable and speaker wire throughout the house today. I figure that if the house is opened up, might as well fill the walls with even more wires. Our home network, smart home devices and speaker system has been a bit chaotic and spread all over the place historically. I’ll be consolidating it all into a rack in the basement and am enjoying having a little project of my own to tinker on while the professionals remodel the house.

Enjoy the pictures:

Kitchen opened up and framed in. Ignore that the opening to the dining room is off-center by about 6″…yes it will be moved to the left.
The TV Room just off the kitchen. We originally were going to keep the windows on the right in the original opening…but that was off center. And it had been a day or two without a change order. This room used to be like a cave. No more!
The master bedroom framed out with windows installed. The sunporch in the background has been incorporated into the bedroom (right), walk-in closet (center), and part of the bathroom (far back and left).
The view from the master bathroom. Picture taken from the free-standing tub, toilet room on far right, and walk-in shower just to the left of that.
Exterior work continues.
Siding removed to run new electrical on the front porch, living room and upstairs bedroom.
Old crappy windows from 1950 replaced with french doors.
Love the new windows and trim work.
Quite the change to the rear exterior. We had to source reclaimed siding to match the same sizing of our original siding.
Christopher and I stringing cable – he’s a pretty good helper. And I can’t believe we have a teenager!

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