Ready for Drywall

I’m learning that projects as large as this are a marathon, not a sprint. Progress continues to plod along.

Drywall is being delivered today and then we’ll be ready for the next major evolution. The past few weeks saw the back deck get built, the entire house rewired and updated, as well as insulation being installed.

We had always planned on installing sound insulation around the powder room due to it’s proximity to the kitchen. But at the last minute, we decided to install sound insulation in the ceiling of the kitchen and TV room as well as between the two bathrooms upstairs. Prior to our remodel, you could hear every single footstep and word uttered throughout the house. With the walls opened up, we decided to take the opportunity to try and reduce this old-house phenomenon.

One unexpected surprise during this remodel has been the lack of projects for me to work on. Needing to fill some time and work off some stress, I enlisted my oldest son to help run all of the low-voltage wiring throughout the house. I’ve decided to start from scratch on our home network: this includes building a network rack in the basement as a hub for all things nerd related. With materials in hand, Christopher and I set about stringing 1000 feet of CAT6 ethernet cable, coax and speaker wire throughout the house. The result is multiple cable drops in every room, as well as wiring for wireless access points and exterior POE cameras. Sonos Amps will all be consolidated in the basement along with a new gateway, and internet switch.

As we prepare for this final stretch, we are finalizing the finish materials. Tile in the master bathroom seems to be a bit stressful…as does the kitchen pendant decision. Suggestions welcome!

Enjoy the pictures.

Kitchen before and after looking towards the dining room.
Kitchen before and after looking towards the back of the house.
Master bedroom before and after.
Master bathroom prior to drywall and tiling.
French doors installed and new deck built. Prior to this, we had no easy access to the back yard. And yes, we will be installing a handrail.
Trim will be painted cream while the windows and doors will be the accent red. Here we see three potential body colors.
1000 ft of CAT6 ethernet cable along with coax and speaker wire has been ran throughout the house. You can see where the new electrical box will be framed out once the service is switched over by our power company.
This is the new proposed network schematic including my proposed wireless access points and POE cameras that I’ll be installing.

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