Kitchen Cabinets!

There are moments during the remodel when the change is ploddingly slow. But occasionally, it is monumental. Cabinet installation is one of those days. We loved our house from the very first time we saw it. But the kitchen was abysmal. Small. Dropped ceiling. Horrible lighting. Disintegrating linoleum. Mismatched cabinets falling apart.

When we sat down with our architect to flesh out the scope, a complete overhaul was necessary. And inset cabinets were on the list of wants. So when the cabinets were finally installed this week, it feels like Christmas morning! The theoretical dream is becoming reality.

Tile will be installed upstairs next week. Followed by wood floor installation. It will be a few weeks until the cabinets are fully finished and paint probably won’t happen until January. But we are already imagining pulling espresso in our coffee nook, cooking on a new range with a working hood, or enjoying a glass of wine at the island!

From the entry into the kitchen, before and current.
From the back of the house, before and current.

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