Trees up. Lights on. Feet up. Beer down.

We got the tree up a couple nights ago and I had to rest and hydrate after the grueling task of stringing bulbs. I was parched.

We stole the tradition I had as a kid and have instituted the ‘two tree policy.’ The tree you see here is the grown up tree. For grown up ornaments. Rules include no climbing, or storing of toys within its branches. There is another tree in the background: this is the kids’ tree. It can be as tall as our oldest son and other than burning it, they can pretty much do whatever they want to it. I think I saw some burpees, legos, a football, and a miniature baby Jesus (vs. the full size baby jesus) displayed as ornaments yesterday. Martha Stewart would be proud.

The Marathon

Room is painted. Shoe molding is installed. Lighting courtesy of Rejuvenation is installed (over old gas piping as usual). Doors are stripped, sanded, stained, finished and hung. Picture molding needs to be stripped along with the windows but the room is once again livable. And while the room renovation feels like a marathon to me, I know that it pales in comparison to the actual marathon my wonderful bride will be running in tomorrow morning! Good luck to all the runners and go get ’em babe!

Room is painted

A little bit of decorating

Sanding down the doors and prepping for stain

Christopher is pretty proud of his door

The doors. Installed.

Complete room pics are here.


Kerri running the Portland Marathon. She did a great job and I'm so proud of her!

Happy (belated) Holidays

Happy belated Holiday’s from the Leshes!

We spent the last week or so with Kerri’s whole family in Montana and had a great time. The two day drive out from Portland was surprisingly easy and actually provided some quality time with just the four of us without to many distractions.

Kerri, Christopher and Jason playing in the snow

Kerri sledding

Christopher and Dad taking the dogs for a "run"

Christmas morning off the back deck

The combination of over-eating, sledding, epic pinnochle matches and some memorable Xbox Kinect moments proved to be just what the doctor ordered. There were 13 stockings hanging by the tree Christmas morning and we were fortunate to be surrounded by so many loved ones. Christopher and Aiden experienced no shortage of presents – that is for sure. Mom and Dad didn’t fair too bad either. Santa surprised Kerri with a new espresso machine and grinder while Dad received a nice air compressor and several finish nail guns – not sure if that’s a gift or a hint that the living room needs to be finished.

Aunt Kortnee and Uncle J stealing some smiles from Aiden

Concentrating so hard amidst the craziness

New espresso machine and grinder courtesy of my good friend Mark at Clive Coffee

We got home yesterday and it’s back to trying to wrap up the living room. I’m just finishing up the baseboard trim which involves adjusting all of the electrical outlets and then it’s just waiting on the new windows which should be installed this coming weekend.

Fitting the baseboards

We’ll be assembling a year-in-review in the coming days. Until then, see some more pictures of our Montana vacation or the living room project.