Demo & Framing Continued

We are nearly one month in and the demolition has finished and the framing has started. I think this is the honeymoon of the project: huge changes almost daily. Talk to me in November and December and I suspect I’ll be much more frustrated at the pace. But for now, I’m enjoying the process!

The kitchen is proving to be the craziest change at the moment. With the old first floor bathroom removed, drop ceiling gone, wall between the TV room knocked out, and the bump-out removed and rebuilt taller and wider, the space is absolutely massive!

Looking towards the back of the house.
Standing in front of the (eventual) new island and kitchen sink.
Technically we reduced the square footage by replacing the side porch/bump out, but it is so much more usable and sturdy.

Can you imagine how great that space is going to be?!?!?

Roof gets framed in on the bump out tomorrow while the footings in the basement should be poured. In order to build the bump-out, new floor joists had to be sistered into the existing ones in the kitchen.

Temporary wall on the right is installed while the footings and new posts are installed.

From there we can start installing the new beams up on the 2nd floor and between the kitchen and dining room. Progress!