House Tour

This is a work in progress but check back as it gets fine tuned – the new layout will be great in the long-term but is highlighting my lackadaisical blogging. Give me a few weeks and I’ll add all the rooms and their respective progress (or lack thereof).

Aiden’s Bedroom

This was the first room rehab I attempted in this house and it came with a very obvious deadline: the birth of our second child. At the time, we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl (we like surprises and chose not to find out) so the room had to be […]

Christopher’s Bedroom

The original intention was to do a quick paint job on the walls and call it good – just in time for Christopher’s birthday in just under 3 weeks. Oops. This was the second bedroom I tackled and I should have known better. Upon buying the house, we had all the carpet removed upstairs and […]

Living Room

We love this room! It’s the first real room you see when you enter our house and it has wonderful, natural light throughout. As with most projects, this room reno spiraled out of control but the final result was well worth it. It started out innocently though: refinish the hardwood floors prior to moving in. […]

Dining Room

This room isn’t quite done yet but it’s looked like a disaster for so long that it’s current state feels “finished.” As with the adjoining living room, upon purchasing the house, we refinished all of the floors. The oak turned out to be beautiful! Of all the rooms in the house, the dining room was […]